Sunday, March 30, 2008

A weekend in the life of.....

Just thought I'd give a run down of our weekend: while not typical, they are like this more often than not

6:00 AM - rise and shine - Saturday morning
7:30 AM - arrive at baseball fields - now that's commitment
8:00 AM - baseball game begins
9:30 AM - baseball game over drive around to get O to sleep before Opening Ceremonies
9:50 AM - baby asleep - YEAH
10:00 AM - Opening Ceremonies - Congressman Joe Barton speaks and offers incentives for
selling all the Papa John's coupon sheets assigned to you - contact me for more info -
a sheet of coupons w/ 2 free pizzas for $10.00
11:30 AM - Leave baseball fields (in the city where I work by the way) to go to soccer game (in
completely different city)
12:15 PM - Arrive at soccer fields ( we have arrived at both games early - won't ever happen
1:00 PM - I leave soccer game to go to my massage appointment (finally using gift certificate
received last April - sorry Mom)
1:15 PM - spa to see if need actual certificate - I do - I tell them I will be late a run by house
to get said certificate
3:00 PM - back at house - run around like crazy to get kids packed for overnight trip to
Goddess and Dads
3:30 PM - Leave house to meet said Grandparents - go to Target on the way to get a cup for
the baby - go to Costco
6:00 PM - return home - have a party at 7:00 - again run around house like a crazy person
getting ready - make appetizer for party - have small breakdown because left flat
iron at work - already know what wearing so that's covered (could have been much
later than actually were if I had had to find an outfit)
7:15 PM - maybe 7:30 - arrive at party - have a great time - no kids to chase, no one else to
worry about - no baby sitter to hurry home to - so we didn't - while we were not the
last ones out the door we were very close, and while some say close only counts in
horseshoes and hand grenades I say it counts here
12:00+ AM - arrive home, have margarita, take bath, finally get to bed - aah bed

9:00 AM - rise and shine - while not necessarily early, Church starts at 9:40, takes at least 15
mins. to get there- no idea what wearing - teaching Bible class
12:00 PM - church over - go home to get husbands play clothes - leave for grandparents house
2:30 PM - leave grandparent #1 house - go to "carnival"- kids ride rides (7 year old anyway, 3
year old too short, baby doesn't care since it's not a ball) go to grandparent #2 house
4:30 PM- leave Grandparents house, ceremony for new building at church begins at 5:30
5:45ish - arrive at church building - kids have breakdowns, go to the car, Jman and I take turns
sitting with kids and signing name to foundation of new auditorium - very cool thing to
be a part of - go by store on the way home for a few odds and ends we need
7:45ish - get home and begin dinner (didn't eat at Church, only had ham sandwiches left and
children having breakdowns)
9:00PM - children in bed (3 year old gets up many times before actually falling asleep in my
bed while watching her daddy play HALO), do a little knitting, watch Dexter, get
PeaceLoveMom order ready, husband plays HALO
10:50PM - sit down at computer to write this entry still here at 12:00
Still to do ?AM - complete laundry necessary for husband to take on business trip, move 3 year
old to her own bed, pick out clothes for tomorrow, get baby back to sleep, put self to

So there is a weekend in the fabulous life of our family. I wouldn't trade a second.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Baseball Moms

Let we qualify this post with this - I love that Jack plays baseball and I will do everything in my power to help him be the best he wants to be.
So everyone has heard of the famous "soccer mom" but have you met baseball mom? They are very into the baseball scene. Camps (year round not just summer), private coaches, crazy expensive equipment. They really have more interest than the kids I think. Really can drive me crazy. I here by promise, I am (to my knowledge) a very long way away from:

Having a full blown batting cage in my backyard (a net to throw against of hit into is okay)


Spending $200.00 on a baseball bat.
I can hear my mom telling me she won't buy the expensive jeans (Gloria Vandervilt) until I stop growing. That's how I feel right now. But seriously they are 7 and 8 years old. Give them something to look forward too. They have no idea how much a bat costs and believe me unless it's a magic bat, it ain't going to make a difference.
We did breakdown and buy a baseball bag this week - along with the cup. But I consider that a necessity - more for me than for Jack. Now he has a specific place for all things baseball and I don't do anything but pick up 1 bag!
We are going to try to attend some TCU baseball games this year. We have a friend who played there and are trying to get together with them. Anyway, this turned out to be less of a rant than I had thought when I began. I was very sports oriented growing up and am trying very hard not to push that on Jack, especially after being around some very baseball-pushy parents. Jman reels me in when needed. I think I'm good until we start dealing with all those blind referees and umpires.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About my river

This is a picture of my paradise - the Frio River. We go every summer with my whole family, parents, sisters and husbands, my family. We definitely have a cabin full. Yes I said a cabin. They are great with plenty of room and will certainly do until I can retire and build my house there. We have been making this trip almost annually since I was in the 8th grade. (we may have gone prior to that, but I'm not sure) Our traveling party has changed over the years, but we still make it and can't wait to go back the minute we pack the cars to leave.
There is no cell phone reception. Which is wonderful, most of the time. We did miss information about a funeral one summer.
It is so beautiful there, you can just feel God's presence.
In 2002 when it flooded we almost had to cancel our trip. The first day we were there the river was closed! It is amazing to look at old pictures because the river changed so much. Water is truly a powerful force. The cabins we had stayed in the year before weren't there any more. I actually almost drowned twice that year. Kind of scary. My brother-in-law lost his wedding ring. That may have been on purpose though.
There are a very limited number of places I would rather be than at the Frio.
Anyway, if I ever find out how to do a countdown I might start counting down to this years trip.

Remember, it's all about the ball barrings.

What kind of name is Poon anyway?


10 Things Tuesday

1. Today I find myself thankful for a very wide variety of things. Some of them are silly and some are serious but my list is much longer than 10 things and for that I am grateful.

2. I love the way Miss M sings along with her new "music player" for all the world to hear

3. I am thankful that my friend Shelley was not captured by syphilitic Mexicans

4. My Jman had a safe flight to Baltimore

5. I absolutely love my O's strong and powerful voice

6. My dog has four legs - ask Jman

7. I am so very thankful Jman was home to explain to our oldest how to wear a cup.

8. I am thankful for Our Soldier

9. I love spring and all the colors that come with it

10. Last, but not least, I am thankful that I am awesome and I have equally awesome friends!

Thank you XBOX Wife for the motivation.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Butterflies in the Garden

Yesterday we went to see the butterflies at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. This was O's first time to go Miss M has been at least twice and I think this is Jack's 3rd or 4th time. It never seems to get old. It gets hot, but not old. Here are some pics from the day.

Check out my Slide Show!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our Soldier

This is Sgt. Tracy pictured with his favorite nephew Action. He has been deployed for 400 days which began March 15, 2008 and ends April 19, 2009. Please pray for his safe return. We love him dearly and his precious wife too.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eavesdropping, For lack of a better term

I have a friend who designs blogs Jilly Blog Designs ( and when looking at her list of sites she has done, I came across a very personal site that has really touched me. I felt strange reading this woman's thoughts. She lost a baby at 31 weeks and it is amazing some of the things she has written. She really pours out her heart in several entries and wow. I thank her and commend her for sharing her experiences.

So I feel the need to make: My list of pure joy

1. My children each bring me joy in so many ways. They all came into the world very differently and I am thankful for each experience. (even the spinal-free c-section)

2. I get so much joy from my children's names. Sounds crazy I know, but they all have great meaning and history. Each was named for very important people in my husband and my lives. They remind me daily of how lucky we were to have been blessed by their name sakes.

3. The way Miss M looks at me when she wants something or is trying to be funny. Just pure joy.

4. The joy they bring my husband, gives me joy.

5. The crazy, nonsensical things Miss M says bring joy to so many people. The other day she said her Aunt J runs around in just her panties all the time. True? Maybe, but Miss M doesn't know that. Aunt J lives outside of Lubbock and has clothes on every time we see her.

6. When my 7 year voluntarily gives me a good night hug, brings great joy.

7. The beautiful smile on Jack's face when he's trying to be sneaky and break a confetti egg over my head. Absolute joy.

8. The way little O lights up when you had him a ball. This not only brings me joy, but obviously just make his day, or minute.

9. I love the way everyone lights up when J gets home from work. Everyone yells "Daddy" and runs toward him. They all have things to tell him from their week and all have to tell him at the same time. What a joyful noise.

10. I love that my children love their aunts and uncles. They are so happy to see them and I think the feelings are mutual. I know their letters and drawings will bring our Soldier joy and that gives me joy.

I know I could think of 100 more things that bring me joy about my children, so this week I pray that that list tops my thoughts always and that every time we have a conflict I remember the joy.

Count downs

Does anyone know of a good place to get a count down for my blog?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

I know it's late in the day, but we just got home and unloaded. It's been a hard weekend for my family so I've had to think long and hard about today's list, but I made myself do it. I am thankful for these things....

1. Sgt. J. Tracy - U.S. Army reserves, deployed Saturday for 400 days to Afghanistan.
2. Mrs. J. Tracy
3. The family who loves and supports them.
4. Peterson, J's roommate. A youth minister, who will save J more than once I'm sure.
5. My freedom.
6. All those who protect me and my family.
7. The family of those who protect my family.
8. The new mom soldier who will miss the next 400 days of her infants growing.
9. The men who won't see their babies born.
10. The hand of God that will protect them while they are gone.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

My Friend has challenged me (and everyone else) to do this exercise in thankfulness every Tuesday. Or more often if you are feeling particularly blessed.
My 10 things for Tuesday March 11, 2008 are:

1. First thing this morning I was thankful for the very healthy lungs of O.
2. The tiny helpful hands of Mama Mia.
3. That Jack can dress himself.
4. I am thankful I can afford to put gas in the car.
5. I was reminded many times over today about how blessed my family and I are by our wonder, caring and thoughtful friends.
6. I am thankful it's baseball time in Texas and for the many able bodied little boys who play.
7. I am thankful for the men who take time to coach these little men.
8. I am thankful for the beautiful legs of my O that take him wherever he wants to go.
9. I am thankful for my beautiful legs that chase after him.
10. I am thankful for my friend who made me really see what I have been blessed with.

Count your many blessings, Name them one by one!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tales from the Crypt

Howdy all. It finally happened. For the first time in my life I have been diagnosed with the flu. Granted I'm not 100% sure I haven't had the flu before, but I am 100% sure I had it this passed week. I know Tamiflu is a wonderful drug and I am thankful that it made me feel so much better, but mad it sure has upset my stomach - and little O's as well. After talking to the pharmacist I'm pretty sure he is exhibiting side effects. So I still haven't decided if it is bad enough to stop taking the med and chance flu symptoms again. I stayed in bed most of the day Friday and it was really nice. I tend to go stir crazy so I got up occasionally, but for the most part I took full advantage of my sweet husband (who isn't feeling 100% either) He took to and from school and played with O all day. I sleep best with some noise so I had the TV on and caught a rerun of Hope and Faith. I really liked that show. I had forgotten how funny it was. Kelly Rippa was just hysterical. And her clothes - loved them! And her body - wow. I'll be looking like that before you know it. Especially if my stomach stays upset.
Don't forget to change your clocks or you'll all be late for Church in the morning.
Peace out.