Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One more thing

My Ipod is working again. One of the girls I had dinner with last night told me to try something and it worked. Yeah. I have my music back.

10 Things

Check out XBOX Wife for inspiration

Last night I had dinner with 4 friends from High School so my list stems from this evening.

1. I am thankful for old friends. I have known Freckles for 30 years give or take a few days. Just think about that. We took ballet lessons above the Nut Shell Bakery when we were 4 years old, went to Kids Kingdom together, Kindergarten, played Little Dribblers, T-ball, Middle school, Jr High basketball, survived high school, have buried friends, have married friends and have had babies. My earliest memories of friendship are shared with her.

2. One of the girls now lives in Costa Rica with her husband and 5 1/2 month old baby. Seeing pictures of her house makes me marvel at my God. The colors of the water took a mighty hand and a wild imagination.

3. These pictures also make me thankful for my walls. Yes I mean the walls of my home. Her home in a concrete slab with a second story bedroom covered by a thatch type roof. No walls. It is beautiful. I like to think I could live like that. Not with young children, but maybe some day. She is awakened by Howler monkeys in the mornings. Of course she did pass a Coral snake on her way to work the other day.

4. One of my friends is pregnant. Yeah. It makes me smile just thinking about it. How beautiful.

5. We all sat there healthy. No major health issues.

6. I was reminded how blessed I am that my parents are healthy. One of us has lost a father and another's father has been battling various cancers for some time now. I almost said I was lucky my parents are healthy, but I truly believe I have been blessed. I think luck has a place in our lives, but some things, even luck, are a gift.

7. As neat as a tropical paradise would be, I'm thankful that my Jman has an office job. I like stability and a definite source of income. Granted I'm not sure of everyone's financial status. They could be closet millionaires for all I know. (I think 2 of them are borderline) But I'm fairly certain at this stage in my life I could not follow the snow and surf and be that free of a spirit. Although there are times I could find myself being a bit jealous of the carefreeness this might bring.

8. Last night was we had perfect weather. We sat outside on the patio at Joe T Garcia's and it was absolutely perfect.

9. I love my life long friendships I share with these women. They have each played their part in my movie. Some by choice and others by circumstance. But, I came away also seeing how blessed I have been since high school too. I am surrounded by strong, beautiful women, from my past, from my family, and from my life with Jman. I hope each of them knows how truly precious they are. I think I will tell them.

10. I have been blessed by XBOX Wife in more ways than I can count.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Girl's Night Out

So last Saturday I met up with my girlfriends and watched Patrick Dempsey for an hour and a half. Not a bad way to spend the time. The movie itself was okay but with a little help from my friends it was great. It did turn out to be a real barn burner of a time. My Jman had a night out Sunday. He saw the new Indiana Jones movie. Said it was okay. I say Harrison Ford for an hour and a half, how bad could that be?

Talent on loan from God

Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 Things

Okay, so now I think I will title this post "10 Things" from now on - no day of the week attached. I know just taking the time to be thankful is the point, but I do feel guilty when I don't make myself get to the computer at type it out.
Check out XBOX Wife for guidelines.

1. We had no baseball related activities this week. I should say I had no baseball related activities this week. Jman and Jack went to the Ranger game on Sunday and Jack toured the stadium Tuesday on a school field trip. He loved it.
2. My husband has the best 10 Things list this week. I love to see what he is thankful for because many times they remind me of my blessings as well.
3. I have awesome friends and we have a girls night out coming up that will be a real barn burner of a time I am sure.
4. I have two great friends from home and we are going out next week. We have been friends since Jr. High and I love it when we can get together. With family, school and jobs it isn't always easy but it is important to all of us to make the time and for that I am grateful.
5. I too love that Miss M has an endless supply of words in general. I know someday I will beg her to talk to me.
6. Jack has his summer hair cut. My mom thinks it makes him look common, but I like it.
7. My parents have a group of friends that have been present what seems like my whole life. This weekend we have a bridal luncheon honoring one of our extended sisters and will get to see most of the women who I grew up watching. I love to see my mom with her friends and am thankful everyday that my children have women like that in their lives and older children to look up to and admire.
8. I have a wonderful husband and I know he loves me.
9. I am thankful for my health, I tend to take it for granted.
10. I am thankful for Joe T Garcia's and Indiana Jones.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

10 Things Tuesday - Wednesday

Okay, so I think I should change my weekly blog to 10 Things WEDNESDAY! I really do love this exercise in thankfulness. Tuesday's can be really hectic at our house, especially during baseball season. And yesterday was more like a Monday than a Tuesday. Thanks XBox Wife.

1. I love the rain. I pray for rain every day in May. The more rain in May the more water in the Frio in June. And we all know hoe much I LOVE the Frio.
2. My husband is in the living room reading books to our babies. There are many facets of this I am thankful for - a. he is home, b. they really love their daddy, c. their daddy really loves them
3. Today Jack turned 8. I love him soooo much. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting around watching JAWS when I said, "I think my water broke, so I'm going to finish packing my bag. Just thought you should know."
4. My father-in-law and mother-in-law drove over Sunday afternoon to fix our dryer. Just to fix our dryer. Wow.
5. We have actually hired a babysitter for this Friday. We usually use our parents or aunts and uncles, so this is technically a first.
6. Miss M was singing in the car on the way home today. I love that.
7. My little man is in my lap right now, just talking away.
8. I have money in my budget to put gas in my car. Someone stopped me this morning asking for help with gas to get to work.
9. I love cell phones. My cell phone made it possible for me to call a friend and let her know Bobby Flay was at the Williams Sonoma in Southlake today. He oldest girl just loves him. They were able to get there in time to meet him. How I love technology.
10. Last but not least - I am totally awesome along with my mom, sisters and the sister-friends I have been blessed with.