Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 Things Tuesday

Last week my computer was incapacitated and I could not post my 10 things, so they are attached to this weeks.
1. I love my nephew - Petite #4 would insert a picture but can't at this moment - computer malfunction again.

2. I am thankful for that "baby smell" Sometimes they come into this world with a lot a drama and that smell seems to help mommies forget all that and helps them see how blessed we are.

3. I am thankful for my faith. It is through my faith that I have 95% of the friends I have. In fact almost everyone I know, I know through Church in one way or another. I simply can't imagine my life any other way and I pray daily that my children have the same in their lives.

4. My Petites are just beautiful. I try to remind myself of this daily - as I watch Petite #3 waste the Swiffer spray in the kitchen I hope he keeps his love of cleaning as he grows older.

5. Again I am thankful that hair does in fact grow back.

6. I am thankful that my Grandmother loved to sew and taught me how. I remember my first project with her - a purple seer sucker sun dress. One summer she took me and my cousin to the fabric store where we picked out a pattern and our fabric and taught us how to sew. She was always so patient. I think the time she tied my hands behind my back she had warned me forty times to leave Petite Goddess #2 alone.

7. I am thankful that now my kitchen floor is almost fully mopped.

8. I get to wear a sweater tomorrow and really need it.

9. I love that my sisters are close. They are not right next door, but I don't have to get on a plane to go see them - although it wouldn't take as long if I did.

10. I am thankful daily for my family.

January 19th, 2009

1. I am thankful for the time I had with my husband this past week in Vegas. We had the best time, despite not walking away with the bank.

2. I am thankful that hair grows back - see Miss M and O (Petites 2 and 3) and you'll know why.

3.I am so very thankful that Petite #4 arrived last Monday perfect and healthy and that both mom (Petite Goddess #2) and baby are doing good. ( Good meaning both are here and healthy)

4.I am thankful for my family. I cannot express this enough.

Now, in light of the coronation, I mean inauguration here are the rest of my 10 things:

5. I am extremely grateful the George Walker Bush became our President 8 years ago. I am thankful that he is a man of convictions and that he had enough guts not to cower in the aftermath of September 11th, but to take control and keep us safe. And to then stand by those convictions regardless of the political ramifications.

6. I am glad that he had the intelligence and ability to surround himself with smart people who also stood firm in their convictions.

7. I am thankful that God is in control and I pray daily that he will continue to lead our country and protect.

8. I am thankful to the men and women who protect us and put their lives on the line for our freedom. I just hope that those freedoms will remain.

9. I am thankful for civil liberties and for those who stand up for them.

10. I am thankful or freedom of speech and that everyone has a protected right to their own opinions and views.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 Things Tuesday

My first "ten things" of the new year. Here we go:
1. I'm glad the person who named the 24 hour virus was optimistic. If they had been truthful I'm afraid we would all split our wrists.
2. I am soooooo thankful for DooDoo aka Scooby Doo. He can soothe the most savage beast.
3. My sister - Petite #2 is doing well and so is the baby. We expect baby Jo-John next week.
4. I am grateful my little one can climb and that I have the perfect legs and lap for the activity.
5. I am thankful that God watches over and protects my friends and family. I have been reminded this week how fragile life can be and love His shielding hand and comforting love and grace.
6. I am grateful for music and that some of us have been blessed with that gift and have chosen to share it with the less talented. My kids all love music and it is great that they have songs to sing and dance around to.
7. My husband. He works very hard and sacrifices daily for us. He is also taking me to see LOVE in Las Vegas as one of my Christmas presents. The Beatles are a few I am grateful shared with the rest of us.
8. I am thankful for freedom of speech and pray daily that we continue to have it.
9. We have wonderful friends and were blessed to bring in the new year with them, both old and new.
10. We have wonderful parents who have done so much for us we cannot begin to be thankful and grateful enough.

Thanks XBox Wife. I have forgotten how much I need to remind myself of how wonderfully blessed I am. It's easy to see the have nots and need to be reminded of the haves.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Back again

So 3 months later I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging. Needless to say the holidays were crazy. Well, I am being summonzed so I'll try to get back later and post Christmas pics.