Monday, October 20, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

Ok so it is Monday, but everyone is occupied now and I know I won't have time tomorrow, so...

1. JT loves his new school. I am so very thankful. His teacher is great and there are only 16 kids in his class and 13 of them are boys.
2. I continue to thank God that there was 1 spot open in his class. He gets to stay in school in Arlington so he can still play football.
3. I am so very thankful, once again, for our parents. They would have made sure we found a way to not totally uproot JT from his life.
4. I am thankful for loyalty. Last weekend when my sisters were here, they were ready to take on the person I think caused the whole school thing.
5. My husband loves me.
6. Everyone is quiet right now, not one person is yelling or touching anyone else.
7. Baby O really likes music. It is just the most precious thing. He nods his head and bops along to his favorite songs. And believe me he lets us know if is not a song he likes. So young to be so opinionated.
8. My friends are the greatest, most awesome people in the world.
9. My sisters are the greatest most awesome sisters anyone could hope for.
10. Baby Jo-John is growing safe and healthy.

Thanks to all of my friends and family. I love each and everyone of you and thank God for your individuality and friendship.

Talent on loan from God-

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Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

I am so glad Jackson is happy at his new school. What a blessing! He is tooooo young to get a bad taste in his mouth for school, so I'm happy it sounds like his school experience will continue to be a positive one.

Marijon STILL hasn't slipped up when talking about the baby... I listen carefully, but I only hear "it"...